Abortion Services

Pilgrim offers private, confidential abortion services and total gynecological care at our facility.
Your care is provided by our two gynecologists.

We specialize in abortion (termination of pregnancy). Abortion Services include abortion pill, surgical abortion care at Pilgrim Medical Center

  • Our abortion services are performed from conception through 24.6 weeks.
  • All surgeries are performed within one day.
  • Non-surgical procedures (Abortion Pill) are available to all individuals who are fewer than 10 weeks from their last menstrual period.
  • Pilgrim Provides total service with no hidden charges. The only additional charge would be for an optional post-operative visit that will be $70.
  • Pilgrim accepts Medicaid and most major insurances.

Please call our office at (973) 746-1500 for more information

Is an ABORTION safe?

Having an early abortion performed by a doctor is one of the safest medical procedures there are. A D&C and the Abortion Pill (non-surgical) are the safest methods for an early abortion.

The risks involved are minor, and may include excessive bleeding, mild infections, or incomplete abortion, all of which are treatable by a physician. Long term complications from abortion are exceedingly rare when performed by a qualified gynecologist, and so, the abortion is not expected to interfere with future fertility.

First Day of Last Menstrual Period: Select Date
Estimated Length of Pregnancy:
Estimated Conception Date:
Estimated Due Date:

To estimate the length of your pregnancy, enter the first day of your last period and then press ‘calculate’.

Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, the next step is to explore your options. In order to do that, you need to determine the length of the pregnancy. Most physicians make this determination by measuring from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

At Pilgrim Medical Center we offer an ultrasound which is the most accurate measure of the length of pregnancy. This calculator is only an estimate, and cannot be used as an accurate measure of length of pregnancy.

Our Services

Abortion Pill

(up to 10 weeks)

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D&C Early Abortion

(up to 13 weeks)

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D&E Abortion

(up to 15 weeks)

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Surgical Abortion

(16 to 24.6 weeks)

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