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Q: Who usually performs abortions?

Abortion is a surgical procedure which is performed most often by a licensed physician. The most experienced physician who can tend to your needs is a licensed and Board Certified/Eligible Gynecologist. Most facilities utilize young physicians at the beginning of their practice who are trying to subsidize their salaries. At Pilgrim, our two surgeons are Board Certified/Eligible Gynecologists licensed in New Jersey and New York both with 30 years of experience.

Q: Is abortion dangerous? Does the stage of pregnancy matter?

As a minor surgical procedure, if done properly by an experienced individual, the probability of experiencing any problems as a result of an abortion is minimal. The expertise necessary to perform an advanced stage abortion can only be learned through experience. In the state of New Jersey abortion procedures beyond 14 weeks gestation are strictly regulated by the state and can be done only in a licensed facility by an individual certified in this area.

Q: Will an abortion prevent me from having children in the future?

Pregnancy, which ends in delivery, miscarriage, or abortion, does not affect one’s ability for future fertility. There are no long term effects from abortion.

Q: Does the possibility of complication increase with the number of abortions that I have?

No. Each procedure is an individual event. The risk does not increase with the number of procedures one may have.

Q: How long before I can return to my normal activities?

The period of recovery depends upon the type of procedure one needs. After a D&C a patient can return to their everyday activities within 48 hours. After D&E a return to normal activity can be expected within the same 48 hours.

Q: What should I expect if I have a problem at Pilgrim?

Our Gynecologists have full admitting and operating privileges at Clara Maass Medical Center or St. Barnabas. In the event of a problem, you will be transferred to the hospital and our gynecologists will care for your needs.